Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Prayer to the Precious Blood of Jesus for Teenagers

Today I was working on writing a "collect"-a type of structure for a general prayer in Christian liturgy for my Youth Ministry class. I believe the goal of this exercise was to learn how to formulate a spontaneous prayer (which I am not comfortable with, nor do I have much experience with). Four general principles are used: YOU, WHO, DO, and THROUGH. 1) YOU...We address God and praise him using divine titles. 2)  WHO...We describe the great things that God has done. 3) DO...We pray for God to do something for us now. 4) THROUGH...We pray to the Father, through his Son, Jesus, with the Holy Spirit. 

The following is my collect for teenagers:

Most sweet Jesus, 

You gave your life so that we may live free of sin, you made the ultimate sacrifice. We ask for your help during our times of hardship, struggle and misfortune. We also ask for patience and mercy when we are quick tempered, especially with our parents when we do not feel like they are being fair or even understand us. We ask for guidance for our friends who do not always make smart choices because being cool is more important than being safe. We ask for all of these intentions and the ones we hold in the silence of our hearts, through the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ, our Savior, who redeemed the world. Amen.

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