Friday, December 27, 2013

Family, Food and Fun

I have been living in Dayton OH for a year and a half now. I call Dayton my home as it is where I live in community, go to graduate school, and work. My home home is in a little town North of Columbus OH where I have lived nearly my entire life. Unfortunately my life does not stop, even during the holidays, I still have commitments and responsibilities although, I never miss going home home for Christmas. 

Christmas Eve I spent slaving in the kitchen. My day literally began at 9:30 am preparing a breakfast casserole- initially for Christmas morning. Other dishes such as twice baked potatoes in a dish, deviled eggs, swirl bread, sausage balls and sugar cookie dough was also prepared. My intent was to have less food to cook on Christmas this way mom, dad and I would be able to enjoy some quality time with one another. My intention was good but I ended up being exhausted, cranky and in pain by the early evening. If I may say so myself, the balls were amazing, although they were very time consuming. 

Next time I will half the recipe for deviled eggs, as little did I know they may be my favorite but not dads! Does anyone want some deviled eggs? There are plenty left over and I cannot eat them all! 

The twice baked potatoes in a pan were a success, well I thought so, I am not a fan of the old fashioned potatoes! Dad on the other hand would prefer the regular mashed potatoes, what a party pooper! Then there are the cookies...

I was yet again in the cookie business. Mom and I made sugar cookies and decorated them for the first time! We are beginning new traditions this year. It's all new and refreshing! 

On Christmas Day mom, dad and I went to Church, in the temporary building of course. Mass was wonderful. Christmas morning attendance was bare but it was a good liturgy; Sacred Hearts is blessed to have a Marianist Priest who gives great homilies. The music liturgist who plays guitar is equally amazing. My favorite meditation song is sung by her, "Mary Did You know?"  They always say, home is where the heart is. I believe this is true, most of the time. But my true home, my whole heart will always be with my family and my parish family in the Church I have attended all of my life. 

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