Thursday, January 26, 2017

Manifold of Life Updates

Authors Note: Do you ever have the urge to write but when you actually sit down to do so you really don't know what you want to write about? Yeah...that is my problem.

Goodbye Catherine's and Hello Teaching 

Perhaps the biggest change in my life is my career status. In December I landed a job in the teaching field. I would never have dreamed that I would end up teaching in a daycare setting but when life gives you lemons you have to make lemonade. Overall I love it here. For security reasons I will leave my academy's namesake unmentioned but truly I love my job. Sure it's stressful sometimes and I'm not going to lie preschool kids have so much to learn which can make it frustrating because I have to constantly repeat myself day in and day out, and it's always the same things. In dog training we call this the puppy years, but since it would be considered child abuse I can't lock my kids up behind small metal bars. I think I just dogged a bullet there. I go home wondering how long in comparison it will take my kids to learn stuff to my dog. Am I the only person that thinks of these things? 

In all seriousness though, I love my kids. Nothing beats coming in first thing in the morning or returning from an hour break and my kids screaming "Ms. Katie" in pure excitement, like a dog they have no concept of time yet; Sometimes they even run up to me and give me a hug! These gestures are what gets me through my toughest days and this grounds me. It makes me feel like I'm not as awful as I think I am; I'm not Mrs. Trunchable after all!

God works in mysterious ways. I just cringed a little bit while saying that as God and I aren't very tight these days. More on that later, maybe. But truly life did take a difficult turn in regards to my family life when my dad was diagnosed with cancer while he was living in Arizona helping our elderly aunt with her house, finances, medical stuff and everything else that comes with the last stages of ones life.  Many decisions. My mom, dad, and I decided it was best for them to remain in Arizona in the much less harsh clement (despite its winter) for him to receive treatment. The good news is his chemo is working but with any kind of treatment there are always obstacles. We've had them, many hospital stays, kidneys near shut down stage, dehydration, and now some kind of lung complication. Luckily and thankfully dad has an amazing oncologist that is truly a female version of Dr. Wilson (but we hope and pray she doesn't end up with cancer). You may be wondering why I say all of this is God in mystery. When all of this went down with my dads health it only make it even more apparent of how bad I needed full-time employment. Their stay in Arizona was going to be indefinite and later found out that they are actually going to be moving there which meant I needed steady income to take over the house or essentially I would become homeless. It wasn't but a couple of months after dads diagnoses I landed my job at the academy. Now after a month I'm employed full-time and with benefits! Soon I will begin earning paid time off. Due to the lack of finances and the new teaching job I was not able to fly out for Christmas, but luckily I have a pretty amazing boyfriend with a large family who welcomed me into their home without hesitation. Our aunt ended up dying sometime before thanksgiving; she had recently been diagnosed with heart failure on the right side. She was very ill; She hoped to get strong enough to be able to take a drive to see the Christmas lights and decorations but God called her home very quickly after her diagnoses. Honestly as grueling as this may sound, her death was a relief to my parents. Between taking care of her (checking in on her, taking her to doctors appointments, and seeing to her finances) on top of my dads diagnoses it was becoming tiring. And here I was left in Ohio not able to do anything. I have definitely been on a search for a healthy vice, I may have found it.

Fitness Journey 2017 

I've struggled my with my weight nearly all of my life. Being overweight sucks! Numerous times I've tried different health and weight loss gimmicks hoping and praying that the weight would come off. I remember even making deals with God; He doesn't love me was what I thought at one time in my life because he made me different from my friends. Different in all of the wrong ways. My weight keeps me from being as active as I'd like. I'd love to train for a half-marathon or even a entire marathon but between my feet and my weight there's no chance of that happening. Why do I have this strong sense of wanting to run? I know now more than ever I can't run away from life's problems! I just want to run! A couple of years ago I hit my all-time high weight nearing 290 lbs I feared I would just keep escalating. I had a conviction to stop gaining and start losing or at the very least keep maintaining a lower weight (below 285). I've attained this goal! I have stayed around the 270's mark for the past year plus, so now it's time to step up my game. You know how some people just want to lose weight for the wedding? I know someone who is paying a personal trainer and everything; She even has thus hashtag on her Instagram account #sweatingforthewedding don't get me wrong we all have our motivations but I'm saying is this. My motivation is deeper. I have a lifetime goal, rather than one shorter goal. Sure I want to or lose 100 lbs and it would be my hope that I'm already on this big journey when I get engaged so that I can justify continue my journey rather than go on a "diet" for my wedding. What I'm saying is I want to change my lifestyle.  I'm not interested in dieting!

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